As mentioned before technology is consistently growing and with that so has cyberbullying. In todays society cyberbullying is a problematic issue that not only affects the bullied but the people around them. Effects of cyberbullying can cause depression, drugs, alcohol, disorders and anti-socialism. However the most common effect is suicide, as kids think they have no one to turn to for help. I thinking it’s tragic that most people are being bullying feel as if there is no one to talk to during such a tough time. Although I do agree it’s difficult for teachers to be aware of bullying that continues outside of school hours as the bullies go on sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Formspring and other sites that allow anonymous posts. Casey Heynes is a bully victim and in the video above he shares he inspiring story on how he stood up to his bully. 


ImageCasey experienced a lifetime of bullying and finally defended and stood up for himself and fort back his bully. I think that this story sends a message to all other kids getting bullied that they are just as good as everyone else, equal.  They should not slide in the back corn and continue to get bullied. I do believe that both teachers and parents need to become more aware of cyberbullying, by paying close attention to the students and the way they act in and out of class, it is possible to detect it while its just beginning and prevent it. 



Youtube clip: “Bullying victim speaks out”

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